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New River Bridge in West Virginia

Pictures I took in April on my trip to West Virginia

                              If you would like to read a narrative of my trip to New River Bridge along with the perils

and problems, click on the links below.


        In Search of A Bridge                                         A Bridge Too Far   


Tunnell on I-77

One of two tunnels.

View of New River

View from overlook.

Old Bridge

View of old bridged from overlook.

Ray on Overlook

Me standing on overlook with bridge in the background.

New River rapids

View of rapids from overlook.

Guy's motorcycle

This is the guy's motorcycle I passed earlier in the day.

Guy in Shorts

He was riding in shorts. I was freezing.

Road to Bottom

Notice how narrow the road is.

New River Bridge

A view on the way to the bottom.

New River Bridge

A shot where I climbed out on the structure. (NOT)

Old Bridge

This is the only way to cross before new bridge was built.


Railroad in Gorge

This railroad runs along the bottom of the gorge.


This is a shot looking back at the overlook from the bottom.

Road out

This is a shot of the road going out


Just one of the many beautiful water falls.

New River Bridge





Can you tell I like rapids.

My Bike

My Bike


Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway


Sunset on BRP

Oil Filter

I hit something on the road.

Oil under Bike

Family Reunion

Getting a bite to eat at the family reunion.


Elaine & I stop along the way home.

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