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A look at my Heritage


I was born in Lockport, New York on September 18, 1949.  Elaine and I visited the Lockport area in the summer of 2005.  I hadn't been back there in over 30 years, and wanted to see some of the places that are a part of my history and memory.

I don't believe I will get back to Lockport in this lifetime.  I took lots of pictures, but these are some of the ones that are a part of my heritage.


Hinman Road

This is the road that the Old Hinman Farm is located. My family lived here until around 1933.

Hinman House

This is the house where my father and his brothers and sisters were born. Not where they lived when they were born, "Where they were born".

Hinman Barn

This is the barn located on the old farm, next to the Hinman House. My great grandfather was kicked by a cow he was milking, which broke his neck, and he died the next day. My grandfather was around three months old at the time.

67 Harrison Ave.

This is the house I remember most. This is where we visited my grandparents when we went north for Christmas. They moved into this house around 1938.

22 Windemere Road

This is where Ed & Peg Rathke (my aunt and uncle) lived. I visited this house a lot when I was young. My cousins were David and Paul.

Paul, Donna, & Peg Rathke

This was taken on a visit to Aunt Peg's house in Sun City Center near Tampa. I was returning from Key West. My cousin Paul and his wife Donna happened to be there at the time

Bob Hinman & me

This was taken at the Lockport locks on the Erie Canal during our visit summer of 2005. Bob was our unofficial tour guide, showing us the area around Lockport New York.

Lockport Locks

These are the locks in Lockport, New York on the Erie Canal. They are in downtown Lockport. The canal is used mainly by private boats now.

Bud & Rita Dobbins

Bud is my cousin on the Dobbin's side of the family. We had a very nice visit with Bud & Rita. He was an apple farmer and apple packer. His is retired and his son is running the business.

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