Palm Springs California 2010


The following is a picture album of my trip to Palm Springs. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. For a full story of my Palm Springs trip, click on the link below.

This was really a trip of a lifetime for me.  A couple of years of hoping, a year of planning, and a time to remember.


Palm Springs Trip


Bike Ready to GO

The last of the packing is done. I am ready to leave in the morning.


I stopped on the side of the interstate to wait out the rain. It was too heavy to be able to see.

Beautiful Blue Bike

Beautiful Blue Bike

Waiting out the rain.

Chilis in the Background

The only time I got a good meal while traveling.

Bottom of the Dam

This is a picture looking up from the bottom of the dam. You can see the border crossing.


Picture of the Dam.


Looking at the top of the dam.

View of the Dam

This view is from the overlook. If you look close you can see my bike.



Deer Stands

Every store I pass has deer stands and feeders.

Deer Stands

More deer stands. Makes you want to slow down in the early morning.


It takes some pretty strong water to make these washes.


Another wash


Another wash picture.

Judge Roy Bean's Saloon

Judge Roy Bean's original saloon and courthouse.

Judge Roy Bean Sign

Langtree Texas

Not sure what I was expecting, but thought there would be more than a couple of houses, Post Office, and Curb Store.

Lunch on the Road

Candy bar, cheese crackers, and a drink


Another lovely picture of my bike


Notice the sand and rock pathway along side of the road.

Rock Road


They seem to go on forever.

Road Along Rio Grande


How the cattle are watered in the desert where there is no electricity.


Storage basin for watering cattle.

Rio Grande

Doesn't look so grand to me. You can wade across this part.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande


I sat on the rock and ate some crackers. No traffic passed while I sat there for about 30 minutes.

Looking Back Down the Road

Picture of Bike at Overlook

I always take pictures of my bike when I stop.

Camera Under Bike

If you look carefully, you can see my camera in front of the back wheel about to be run over.

Another Bike Picture

Bike at Sunrise


Hope you can see the train in the distance.


Train passing by on side of road.

My Arm

Look closely at my sunburned arm. I finally stop at Walmart to get some suntan lotion.


A necessary place to stop on any long trip.

Speed Limit

This is on a two lane road. It goes to 80 on the interstate.

McComas Sign

Just thought that this was interesting.

Palm Springs Tram

Tram to the top of an 8000 foot mountain. It was cool up there.