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November 2005


Music By:  Jim Croche - Time in a Bottle


Time is a very precious commodity.  It is not replaceable, and you can be sure you have a limited amount of time to use.  Use it wisely.


There is a song currently being played on the radio stations that probably says it better than anything I can ever say.  Anna Nalick sings ďLifeís like an hour glass glued to the table, and no-one can find the rewind button nowĒ.  Could truer words ever be written?  When the sand runs out, that is the end.  You canít rewind your life and do it over.


I spent most of my life just like the majority of the people in this world.  When I was young, time never moved fast enough.  When I was 6, I wanted to be 13.  When I was 13, I wanted to be 18.  I could hardly wait to graduate from High School, then for the next year, I wished for nothing more than to be back in that very High School.  When I was 18, 21 was the next milestone.


After graduation came college.  I stayed in college long enough to win the only lottery I have ever won.  I drew a high number in the draft lottery (246 if I remember right, see dead brain cells below), which meant there was little chance of being drafted into the Vietnam War (or whatever you might call it).  God bless the guys and gals who went over there.  I knew a lot who went, and some who didnít come back.


This meant I could get on with life at an easier pace, which meant going to school or working, without the threat of the draft.  I found that working at our family business was the way for me. 


I took plenty of time to do a lot of the things that I wanted to do.  I managed to travel a little, and have fun a lot.  You know, no worries.  That was when I worked for Dad, and he did all of the worrying.  Now all of the people work for me, and I do the worrying.


As I have progressed though this life, I did as any other person my age would do.  I got married, had kids, bought a house, paid a mortgage, and still it seemed that time was moving too slow.  I wish my kids were out of diapers, in school, old enough to take care of themselves, had a driverís license so they could drive and deliver themselves and so forth, and so forth.


Funny thing is, they did all of that.  They got their driverís license.  They graduated from high school.  One is graduated from college, and now married, and I have a 2 year old grandson.  My youngest is in her third year of college as I write this.  I now find myself on the other side.  I find myself wishing time would slow down a little.


Now for the real reason for writing this little ditty.


I have finally come to realize that I am on the other side of the hill.  I have finally arrived at 56 and realize that I probably have a lot less time left than what I have used up.  After all of the years of saying I will do _____ when ______, fill in the blanks with whatever you want to, I have finally decided that if I donít do some of these things I always said I would, I am going to run out of time.  Also, if I knew I was going to be around this long, I probably would have taken better care of myself.  I have come to the conclusion that brain cells regenerate.  Over the years, if they did not regenerate, I would have killed my entire brain.  Maybe that is what is wrong with me.


Now that my daughter is in business with me, I am finally taking a day here or a day there, and making a long weekend out of it.  I have been to the Smoky Mountains more times than I can count.  I have even been to Colorado, NYC, and Buffalo (not necessarily in that order).  I plan to continue to try to go a few places each year.


Sit down and think about what has transpired in your life.  Think about your mother and dad.   Are they still alive?  Think about your grandparents, your kids, and yourself.  Have you taken any time to stop and smell the roses?  Have you taken any time to enjoy a trip, however small it might be?  Have you stopped to tell your parents, grandparents, wife/ husband, or your kids how much they mean to you?


Donít be one of the many who lay dying at the end of life saying ďI wish I had ______Ē.  Again, fill in the blank with whatever you wish.  If you donít do it now, when will you.


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