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Do You Remember?

Short stories about places or things in Albany that I remember.

Lee County Fair

 You didnít know Lee County used to have an annual fair?  No it wasnít as big as Albanyís, but the entertainment was amazing. 

Right after you crossed into Lee county at the Kinchafoonee Creek Bridge (it was only two lanes then) on US 19, there used to be a clay borrow pit (for those of you who are not aware, a borrow pit is where they are constantly digging the dirt and hauling it someplace else).  We used to go there and practice shooting our guns. 

Once a year, a little carnival set up shop there.  I donít remember much about the carnival (probably one or two rides), but the center piece of the entertainment was a little tent where for a small fee you go watch girls dance.  I guess you could call it a dance, but it was more of a strip tease without the tease. 

No-one asked for an ID or checked to see how old you were as long as you had money, you could come in.  This was a very enlightening event for guys our age.  Let me say that I would never look at cokes or cigars in the same manner again.  Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) would have been proud; he probably would have brought a whole box of cigars. 

There was also one of these carnivals in Americus, but that is a story for another day.



I am still having trouble remembering exactly where wonderland was.  I know it was the area where Pheasant, Partridge, Whippoorwill, and Meadowlark are now.

You could drive along a dirt road that seemed to go on forever.  It bordered a canal full of water, and was about as wooded as you could find in the city.  This was a very popular parking place to make out with you best girl.

Thrill Hill

I know everyone has their version of thrill hill.  It is a place where if you get the car moving fast enough, and go over this hill, the car almost becomes airborne, giving you a thrill. 

We used to go out Gordon Avenue (it was a dirt road then) to where there is a ditch now, but it was a little creek then.  The culvert made the road rise up at the creek, and when you got up a little speed you could just about get the car airborne.  This was back in the early 60ís.  I remember when the Butch Bogart got his license he would take us for a ride and over thrill hill.


Albany Mall

How many of the folks reading this can remember when Old Dawson Road dead ended into Dawson Road.  There was a caution light at this intersection and nothing more.  Across the street from the intersection where the Mall is today was a cow pasture.  There were no stores after you passed Whispering Pines Road except a place called Rhymers (spelling).  He sold a lot of stuff, but I remember buying ammunition and shotgun shells there.




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