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October 2005


I am sure that there is a proper name for what we in the south call a “Love Bug”, but for the life of me, I have never heard it.  A love bug gets it name from the fact that you will rarely see one bug all by itself.  Normally you see them two at a time, hooked together in the heat of passion, making more little “Love Bugs”.  If you are a male “Love Bug”, I find it hard to believe that he is feeling anything close to passion as his larger mate is flying around dragging him by his ….!!  Well, you get the picture.


“Love Bugs” have a very short lifespan, which involves finding a mate, mating, reproducing and dying.  I guess if you have to die so young, there is one concession in that you spent over half of your life having sex.  That is probably not as important to the female as it is to the male.  Male “Love Bug” to his buddy; “Not only did I last all night, but most of the next day too”.


Rarely do you see one set of “Love Bugs” by themselves.  As any Floridian can tell you, they travel in herds, large herds.  Remember the movies when you saw a herd of buffalo or cattle, and there almost more than you could possibly count?  Well, multiply that by 1000, and you will generally be fairly close to guessing the size of the herd of “Love Bugs” you are driving through.


Yes, driving through.  For some unknown reason “Love Bugs seem to like to stay as close to any strip of blacktop as possible.   One “Love Bug” to another; “I bet I can hit that car before you do”.   SPLAT


Love Bugs” come twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall.  I remember when you tried to avoid Florida during “Love Bug” season.  Now they have drifted north until I started to run into them recently just south of Macon.  That’s right, you northerners better get ready, they are on the way to see you.  Don’t believe me?  How many of you northerners laughed at us when the fire ants took over the south?  You have them now, don’t you?  You’re not laughing as hard now, are you?


I would really complain about the amount of bugs I have to clean off of my truck, car, and motorcycle, but I have taken another approach.  Just think how many of these little suckers there would be if we didn’t kill the millions we do with our cars and such.  Damn, they are hard to get off.  Sometimes I think the paint is coming off before the bugs do.


I am hoping 3M or one of the other adhesive companies will hurry up and analyze the “Love Bug” to find out what makes him stick so well?  This way they could find a way to harvest the bugs to make glue, and maybe we would put a dent in their numbers. 


Okay you northerners (mind you I didn’t say the Y word), get ready for “love Bugs.  You also laughed at us southerners about our Kudzu, and now I see it moving north, but that’s another story.



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