Who Is Ray Hinman

Pictures of my bike in my favorite setting, the mountains

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Who is Ray Hinman

I turned 55 years old in 2004. I have two daughters Melissa (born 1977) and Christina (born 1984). I married my high school sweetheart in 1975, the former Elaine Rabun, now Elaine Hinman. We drifted apart after high school for few years before getting back together again, but have now been married for 31 years.

I love to ride my bike. I bought my first bike in 1964, a Sears scooter. That was before I even had a drivers license. I progressed through the Honda line-up as Honda grew. My first Honda was a 305 Dream. It doesn't sound like much now, but that was one fast bike in those days. From there I went to a CB350, CB500, CB750F, with many dirt bikes in between. I once owned four bikes at one time (CB500, Suzuki 400 dirt bike, 250 Honda Elsinore, and Honda CB 175 street/trail bike). Obviously this was before I got married.

I was riding a CB350 Honda when I walked into the local Honda dealership and the owner (Dewayne Taylor) took me over to a brand new (brown) CB 500 four cylinder bike. He took a nickel out of his pocket and stood it up on its edge on the gas tank of that 500 and brought the engine up to around 6000 or 7000 rpms. The nickel stood right there. I immediately traded my 350 for a 500. I put around 70,000 miles on that bike.

I sold my 750 after I got married, and from the mid 70's until 1999, when I turned fifty, I was bike less. I used to watch the Goldwings as they went by, dreaming and hoping. I had my eye on the new Honda 1000 when my bike days ended.

My wife and daughters knew how much I missed riding, so for my fiftieth birthday, they allowed me to get a used 1994 Goldwing 1500 SE. My dream had finally come true. I did some riding on this bike, putting about 8000 miles on it in two years. But then I saw the new GL 1800 and the rest they say is history.

In June 2001 I bought a new Blue Goldwing 1800. This is one fine bike. Now just five years later and I just hit 100,000 miles.  That is 100,000 miles of sheer pleasure. I don't have any intentions of slowing down now.

I have been to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in 2004.  I have just returned from Buffalo, New York in 2005, and have seen some beautiful country.

After turning 56 in 2005, I began to realize that I am probably well past halfway in my life.  It got me thinking and I wrote a story about time.  If you click on the word "time" it will take you to that story.

Another change has occurred.  I traded my 2001 Goldwing with 108,000 miles in on a 2007 Goldwing.  See story about buying the new bike.  My new wing has a Navigation system, comfort package, ABS braking, and (are you ready) an air bag.  With only three years on the bike, I now have 40,000 fantastic miles on it.  I now can add California to my map as soon as I can remember how.

Please come back for some new stories of future rides.

                                                                                              Ray Hinman

States I have visited on my motorcycle.


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